Saturday, January 21, 2006

the scopes trial (the monkey trial)

After spending a weekend with Ken Ham and his Answers in Genesis, I have come to appreciate the truth of Scripture over unproven theories.
For example, do people really understand the Scopes trial from 1925? Do people really know that Mr. Scopes was a pre-law student, and only taught in the school system for one year? Did you know that he was not a biology teacher, nor a science teacher for that matter. Did you know he taught physical education and was a football coach for one year in Dayton, Tennessee? He taught science class for two weeks at the end of the year, filling in for an ill teacher. Did you know that Mr. Scopes confessed that he did not even remember teaching a lesson on evolution? It is interesting to find out ACLU's involvement in the case.
I was unaware of how fictional the movie "Inherit the Wind" is. This is the so-called movie of the 1925 Scopes trial. The trial was supposedly about charging Scopes with teaching that man did came from a lower level of animal. The trial really was about the truth of the beginning of human life: creation or evolution. The movie does not portray actual, historical facts. Hollywood, again, has changed the facts of the trial and has a bias towards the truth of Scripture. For example: I did not know they changed the names of all the people in the movie so they could have poetic license to change the facts and the truth.

Several questions that the evolutionist has not been able to answer:
1) Who was there in the beginning to record the Big Bang?
2) Where are all the missing link fossils at?
3) Mt St. Helens...left layer after layer of sedimentary rock. oh yeah, how long did that take?
(p.s. not millions of years)
4) How come we haven't seen species evolving into other species? Surely, ape giving birth to a human should have happened again? right? why did it stop?

Evolution is not an observatory science. It is not even a scientific theory, because you cannot test whether evolution is true or not. Why not? Because it takes "millions of years."

The debate over creation and evolution is not based on facts. The facts are the same for both arguments. I take refuge in the first verse of the Holy Scriptures, that God recorded for us.
"In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth!"

Thursday, January 19, 2006

first blog

this one goes out to chuggy
the best friend anyone could ever have.

anyone watch the cinci xavier game tonight on espn?

our dog sadie jumped on the bed again. don't think she will last too long.

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