Friday, March 09, 2007

Baylor 97 Missour 83

when you think of Baylor, maybe a dog comes to your mind. But when I think of Baylor, I think of yellow/gold shirts. Anyway, Baylor beat Missour 97-83 in the Big 12 Conference Tournament. It was a fun game to watch, with a up and down pace to the game. Missouri pulled within 2-3 points in the 2nd half, but Baylor was too much. Up next, Texas and the player of the year. But I believe Baylor has what it takes to run the table and get to the NCAA's.
(actually i don't, but my brother goes go Baylor)
((actually i'm rooting for the gangster coach from K-State))
(((actually i'm rooting for the General Robert Mongtomery Knight and Texas Tech)))

Thursday, March 08, 2007


If you grow everytime you sleep, im' going to be a big big boy. here i am with aunt Leighanne and

here I am with mommy...

Where have you gone Steve Rogers??

So this is how it is huh Marvel? My favorite super hero has died, the result of a sniper's bullet. There is a conspiracy, as witnesses say there were multiple shots, but officials said a single bullet dropped Captain America. Otherwise known as Steve Rogers, it's a sad day in America, a true hero has fallen. Supposedly there is a Captain America movie being made for release within 3 years.
(editor's note: I believe this was done just for $$$$, I really don't believe he will stay dead aka Superman)
Here is a shot of his earlier days fighting against evil dictators.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

White Boys Can Jump

In following the tradition of Larry Legend, Zane, B Nasty, and Keith Kermicle, Isaac is learning to love the game of basketball. (His dad has no influence on him, he loves it all himself) We are trying to get him to quit hanging on the rim, but so far, no luck.
My favorite thing is when his eyes get real big as he goes up for the jam. Oh to be back at Central School in Olney on the 9 foot rims.