Friday, June 19, 2009

Uncle Nate and Aunt Maren and Eowyn visited

We don't have any pictures of Uncle Nate or Aunt we don't know if they were really here or not. But Eowyn came to visit. Isaac and Ben loved being around her. Isaac loved to tease her and enjoyed it when she tried to pick on him. Especially when they were on the treadmill.
They also gave new meaning to 4 hands piano

NJ State Park

Pop quiz...who does Benji resemble in this photo?

Isaac and his buddy Carson took their families on a day trip to a local park in NJ. We encountered some fun, some sun (burn), and 2 bears named Ditka and Walter Payton.

Fortunately, we saw the bear lumbering down the path before he or she could hunt us down. Of course, we never saw the 2 hikers that came down the path after we left.

But we did have a good time.