Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Brewers 24-10

Brewers in the World Series? Maybe. At 24-10, best record in the big leagues, the Brewers are off to their best start in years, and their biggest division lead in 25 years. I am very excited and Isaac and I have been following the Brewers through it's not really watching the game, but it is free!! I paid for the baseball package 3 times (1 on directv, and 2 on MLB) and they were terrible. So this year, I thought I wouldn't do it and maybe they will win...
Their pitching staff is the best in the bigs. They have 5 (6?) good-solid starters, their bullpen is amazing, and they are a young team. They have great power numbers, with Weeks, Hardy, Fielder, Estrada, Jenkins leading the way. They still have not hit their stride yet. Bill Hall is not hitting well, but they are winning. That is what matters. Solid pitching and clutch hitting will win ball games.


Natalie and Caleb came and visited me. It was so much fun. I dont' like to share, and sometimes I hog all my toys and my food, but I reallly like having my cousins to play with.