Monday, October 13, 2008


Uncle Nathan, do you see the sweatsuit that got passed on to me? (ed note. I couldn't believe it when I saw Isaac wearing this one day. I had no idea he had it. It is very cool.)

Isaac's friend from church gave him another guitar. Isaac didn't want to let it go to eat supper, so he ate with one hand while holding on to the other. Eventually he let daddy take it so he could eat with both hands.

The only thing Isaac loves more than NYC is an ole game of pile on.

He loves tractors.

Self explanatory

We are a musical family. Check out the guitar solo and the sweet xylophone playing in the background.

October 13th

Ben loves his thumb. When nothing else will do, in goes his...thumb.

and Ben are becoming good buddies. The
picture in the crib is Ben seeing Isaac come into his room. Look at that smile as he sees his brother.

He tried to do the blanket thing that Isaac does, but it is not as good as his thumb.

It is very rare that Isaac is not hogging papa. But Benjamin got to sneak in some papa time.

Here are some pictures of the last month. Benjamin is fully crawling and spends most of the day pulling himself up to a standing position.