Friday, May 09, 2008


Isaac has this nice log cabin. It was given to us by a nice family in church. Their kids outgrew it and they were very happy to give it to Isaac.

We have some better pictures of this log cabin (when Wendi gives it to us). But these will be sufficient for now.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Isaac's cousin Jasmine

Jennifer's aunt, cousin and her daughter visited NJ last week. They were on the way from NC to Rhode Island for relocation. Now we can see them more. Jasmine is such a cutie. She knows a lot because she is 3.
They were watching Curious George and then Jasmine played some piano and sang.

Doesn't need any words....

Benjamin 4 months old

Ben had his 4 month old checkup yesterday. He weighs 17 lbs and is 26 inches tall. He seems to be going through a growth spurt right now as well.

Professional Pictures from January

Leighann and Wendi came over, and Wendi took some pictures of Isaac. Here are some of the censored photos.
These were taken a few months ago. These were hard to get because Isaac doesn't like to pose for the pictures like his cousins. There aren't any pictures of Benjamin from this day, he was busy eating and getting a bath. We will give Ben his new post soon.