Thursday, February 15, 2007

Sadie and Isaac

so Isaac finally noticed Sadie. We keep Sadie away from most of the house, mainly because of her disgusting hair that sheds all over. We want to be neat and clean people. We are trying anyway.
But the other day I gave Isaac some doggy time. He loves her now. He lunges at her now.
by the way, see how strong he is?

Pictures from V Day

Grandpa and Grandma came over and gave Isaac a balloon for Vday. The last 2 pictures were taken 4 seconds apart. Seems like Isaac is like his uncle Zach, he falls asleep so quickly.
Someday he will fall asleep under the coffee table in his tuxedo

Isaac and his exersaucer

Isaac loves his new toy. It's a Valentine's Day present from his parents.
He can't jump on it though. It's not a walker.
He loves it, but it sure did tire him out.
He cant wait for his cousins Natalie and Caleb to come play.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Isaac and Uncle Benny

Daddy's friend Uncle Benny came out to visit. I love uncle Benny and his brother Caleb. I played with them. I don't know where they went. I miss them.

come back uncle Benny come back.

Top 5 QB of all time

Here is the list of top 5 QB of all time.
Dan Marino, Brett Favre, John Elway, Johnny Unitas, Joe Montana
Next 10
Dan Fouts, Terry Bradshaw, Troy Aikman, Steve Young, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Jim Kelly, Bart Starr, Otto Graham, Keith Kermicle.
(not in any particular order, just a grouping)
Criteria: Cannot judge a QB on super bowl victories. Football is a team game, and the playoffs are a crapshoot. Anything can happen, bad weather, turnovers, injuries...and so on.
so my criteria is on total wins, TD passes, yards, and intangibles.
Marino and Favre are over 100 TD passes more than Elway, who is 3rd all time. Marino and Favre have more completions, yards, attempts than anyone else. Elway, Marino, and Favre are all neck and neck for most victories ever. Of course, Favre should pass them by next year.
We are also very aware of Mr. Manning's pace to shatter all of Favre's records. But we will allow time to pass by to see how he does.
This is a huge topic of conversation lately with the Super Bowl and the announcement of Favre's return. Reason for post is I was upset that "professional" announcers were shrugging off Favre as being in top 5 because of his interceptions. The stats tell it all. Favre, top 5 of all time.