Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Happy Birthday Chuggy

Happy Birthday to my little sister Chuggy. I will not use real names to protect the innocent.
I would like to add that this is her 27th birthday. I miss her so.

funniest things she has ever done:

1) dress up as santa claus to pick us up from airport ("i wouldn't put it past her"
2) flagging a police officer down to report a non damage bump and run on her
3) when i got pulled over by a police officer at the age of 16 she wouldn't fork over the $10 to help pay the ticket
4) she liked to drive around the house
5) she likes to sneak up on people on the airport
6) she likes to get in other people's pictures on vacation
7) she once dated walt disney's great grandson
8) she was picked #1 in the 3rd of the WNBA draft.
9) she was offered the princess/queen role in Star Wars I and II.
10) she once picked up so much weight it caused a severe injury.

so anyway, regardless of these truths and lies,
happy birthday chuggy
love your brother