Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Bracket Buster

This man broke my bracket. Actually, his little band of followers in green broke my bracket. What is a bracket you say? Why, it is the pairings of highly established, credited, educational institutions in a competitive and gamely sportsmanship of roundball. The #11 seeded Patriots, from George Mason University have made it to the Final Four, thus ending millions of people's chances of winning their office pool. Because I believe gambling is a sin, my silly online brackets are now busted. But I am now a big James Madison, I mean George Washington, I mean George Mason fan. Their #1 Fan!!! Let's Win Saturday, win one for me!
For a history lesson, check this website out!

Why I am a dog person

Does this cat look right to you? Apparently this cat has created havoc in Ct. Even attacking the Avon lady. I guess he liked Mary Kay better.