Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Just put the bunny Down

So once again, I have encountered a "famous" person. See, I was raised in southern Illinois, a rural area. We never encountered anyone who was in
TV or the movies. So when I come across people in NYC, I am always a little suprised. It has been well noted in other blogs, that I have seen Adam Sandler, Jack Nicholson, Alyssa Milano, Joe Torre, and President Bush's motorcade. Now to be added to this list: Mr Nicholas Cage.
As Ben and I were walking down 5th ave, i heard this whispering "nic cage, nic cage". I look up to see Mr. Nicholas Cage and his wife? (we don't really know who was with him because we couldn't believe it was him). Mr. Cage made eye contact with me and we kept walking in the opposite direction. The funny thing is, in NYC, everyone looks down or straight. Therefore, he could virtually go unnoticed while walking down 5th ave without a disguise. However, I am from rural Illinois, so I try to be nice to everyone. Therefore I am always looking to say hi or give the proverbial nod of the head. Anyway, this is the face I saw, maybe with less smirk.
The funny part of the whole story is Ben kept referring to him as "Nic Cage" (as if he knows him personally)!!

Famous Places II

We also saw the soup kitchen that was made famous by Seinfeld. If you didn't follow the three rules, then he would say "no soup for you"

Famous places

this is the famous diner from Seinfeld.
Ben and I had a nice breakfast there. The outside is actually called Tom's Restaurant. the inside looks nothing like the real diner, but it's really good food. we had breakfast, and it was fast and good tasting. 2 Thumbs Up.

Man's Big Inventions

My friend and his brother visited me from LA. We had a great time all weekend. The next few posts are dedicated to the happenings and misadventures of our time together.

This is the GW bridge, an amazing manmade structure. On Saturday afternoon, in the middle of a nasty rain, I was on the bridge getting over to JFK. All I thought about was that this bridge didn't give me to much security. Of course, those aren't the thoughts that one wants when crossing the bridge.

The only security that we can be assured of is through Jesus Christ. The Bible says that nothing can separate us from his love!