Thursday, November 16, 2006

Packers 23 Vikings 17

Well well well
Look who is in 2nd place in the NFC North. Of course it's not saying much because the NFC is full of parity. I mean come on, who is really afraid of the Big Bad Bears? They were down by like 100 points to the Arizona Cardinals. Come on, the Arizone Cardinals?
Favre is playing well, McCarthy is a solid coach, Ahman Green has revived his career, the young players are gaining confidence and experience, and the defense is playing well. All in all, you have to feel comfortable with where this team is headed.
I have a feeling that the games against St. Louis and Buffalo will come back to bite them in the end. But let's relive one more great moment in Packer-Viking history.

Train a child in the way he should go

Parenting is so important. You are the love of God to your child. It is so important to teach your children about who God is, the manifestation of His love in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ for our sins, and obeying God through our actions.
I am teaching Isaac on how to live and how to play the new Bible game on PS2.

just kidding it's really Madden 2006.