Thursday, February 23, 2006

Best snack of all time

We love Twinkies here in the Records house. Actually, it's just me. And I only eat one per year. but boy, is that one sure good. Here are some fun Twinkie facts for you.
1)They were invented in 1930.
2)They were first filled with banana cream
3) They were switched to vanilla creme during the banana ration in World War II.
4) Half a billion are made each year.
5) They were named Twinkie after a revelation of a man seeing a road sign for Twinkle Toe Shoes.
Does anyone have a Twinkie story to share?


gretchenjohnson said...

I once met the Twinkie Kid at IGA. Dave Bunting was there with a meat cleaver. The twinkie kid gave me a plastic ring. I just found out he did that for everyone. I thought I was special :(.

judge judy said...

Yes, Karl. In jurisprudence, a "Twinkie defense" is a criminal defendant's claim that some unusual factor entered into the causes or motives of the alleged crime. This biological defense is a so-called "innovative defense", through which defendants argue that they either should not be held criminally liable for actions which broke the law, or that the criminal liability should be mitigated to a lesser offense (e.g., from murder down to voluntary manslaughter), as they were suffering from the effects of allergies, stimulants (such as coffee and nicotine), sugar, and/or vitamins.

The expression is derived from the 1979 trial of Dan White, a San Francisco, California (U.S.) City Supervisor who fatally shot Mayor George Moscone and fellow City Supervisor Harvey Milk on November 27, 1978. During the trial, a noted psychiatrist, Martin Blinder, testified that White had been depressed at the time of the crime, successfully arguing for a ruling of diminished capacity, and White was thus judged incapable of the premeditation required for a murder conviction.

As part of this testimony, Dr. Blinder cited White's uncharacteristic eating of Twinkies and drinking of Coca-Cola (White was well known as a fitness fanatic) as evidence of this depression — briefly mentioning that this may also have worsened the depression.

Jill said...

Once we made my friend a cake out of twinkies. We iced it very nicely!

karl said...

so the other night at a gathering of young uns, we ate a box of twinkies. no doubt, in respect to this post, a co-worker brought in a box of twinks. there were 2 teens who had never eaten a twinkie. it was a memorable occasion. another young lad said "I remember when I ate my first twinkie."

nostalgia over a twinkie...gotta love it

karl said...

separate gathering, separate story. a different lad informs us that in a case of a nuclear bomb, the only thing to survice are cockroaches and Twinkies.

not sure how to test this theory...

dave bunting said...

i remember seeing you Gretchen. You danced with the Twinkie, do you remember?

close your eyes, and picture my voice
good to see you Gretchen

tanyawells said...

I have a friend who is not as food focused as you and I tend to be Karl but she wants to DEEP FRY twinkies!!!!! What do you think about that?

The light twinkes taste just as good don't you think?