Monday, October 09, 2006

Pack Attack

Well, we lost another one yesterday. I say "we" because I feel partly responsible for the loss.
As our boy Favre was driving for the game winning touchdown, I could feel the all the years of glory and victory returning to Lambeau field. I was so excited, I could taste victory. And that is when I did it, I cost us the game. How you ask?
I did the touchdown dance. Yes, I did the touchdown dance before they scored. I picked up Isaac and was holding him and we were laughing and dancing together. It felt like 1997 all over again. Favre was 27 and winning 3 MVP's, and Brooks and Freeman and Dorsey and Edgar were scoring touchdowns, and Chmura wasn't in jail yet, and Reggie was sacking the QB and proclaiming Jesus Christ...
But it's not 1997. It's 2006, and those guys are gone. Well, Brett got hit, ball popped out, and the big lineman from Green Bay couldn't hang on to the ball. I know he feels bad, but it sure looked liked the old game "grease watermelon". Well the Rams got the ball, and the Packers lost. And Isaac cried. and cried. and cried.

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