Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Welcome Isaac

Here is the new boy in the house, well he is not that new, he's 2 months old.
Isaac is awesome, a great champion of the faith.
Some of his favorites:
1) Fav athlete: Keith Kermicle, a Jr star QB of the famous Olney Tigers www.olneydailymail.com/articles/2006/09/25/sports/sports01.txt
2) Fav song: I-S-A-A-C (song his daddy made up which includes a lot of dancing and just the word Isaac)
3) Fav food: toss up between popcorn and good ole Nestle Good Start
4) Fav pet: Sadie
5) Fav movie: Hoosiers and Recess: School's Out
6) Fav thing to do in church: Grunt
7) Fav color: Blue
8) Fav football team: Green Bay Packers
9) Fav baseball team: New York Yankees
10) Fav saying: "Uhhhhh"


gretchenjohnson said...

Favorite aunt from grand rapids? Gretchen
Favorite uncle from grand rapids? Corey
Favorite outfit?
Cowboy boots from auntie gretchen
Favorite cats?
Mia and maggie
Favorite cousin?
Little Miss No-Name

Caleb said...

My daddy says to pray for Isaac because he's making some bad choices.