Thursday, December 07, 2006


so we ran out of food, the big boy just likes to eat and eat. He has decided to try his fingers out...I keep telling him that there are no quarterbacks missing fingers in the NFL, but he says there is still a chance to pitch in MLB...

aww old Mordecai


Nate said...


I am glad that you liked my advent meditation.

I think I will have an advent devotional published.

Christ Mass said...

Sorry to post here again Karl, I do not have your email address.

Please read the article that I link in the name section (Click on Christmas). That will give you a better understanding of how many Reformed and Presbyterian Christians feel about this ChristMass.

We do no deny the HUGE importance of the birth of Christ in the history of redemption. It is vital- but we have never been given the command to celebrate this day.

gretchenjohnson said...

I'm going to bite those little fingers too. Too cute and chubby, i love it

Caleb said...

I can't wait until we bite our fingers together cus.