Saturday, January 27, 2007

Baby in a Manger

I do not believe that Mary could have delivered a 18lb baby. I don't believe Jesus came into the world via C-section in the manger, with a couple of donkeys and camels or pigs helping Joseph deliver the baby. But here is Isaac, filling the role of Jesus as an infant. It's amazing to know that our Savior came into the world as a little baby, humbling himself. But the biggest humiliation was when He died on the cross for our sins, and was raised on the 3rd day to give us salvation. The Son of God dying for me and you, so whoever believes in Him will be saved. What a glorious thought!


tanyawells said...

Sweet little baby Jesus with golden diapers all innocent! Look at those little kid bananas! Way cute picture Karl & Jen!

gretchenjohnson said...

His little feet are pushing out soooo hard. He is wondering if he will ever be normal again.