Sunday, February 25, 2007

Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace, a movie about the abolition of slavery in Great Britain in the early 1800's. It also tells the story of how John Newton, the author of Amazing Grace, influenced William Wilberforce, an influential member of Parliament.
It's a great movie showing how every person, regardless of color and race is important to God and created equal.
So why isn't this socially significant movie getting more publicity? I guess 3 reasons.
1) Denzel Washington isn't in it
2) Spike Lee didn't direct it
3) It talks about Jesus Christ as the Savior
The slave trade is a very ugly part of the world's history, and it is still going on today.
You can read more about this by following this link.
And I urge you to go see this movie, and get the word out!

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gretchenjohnson said...

i don't get to see movies any more