Friday, March 09, 2007

Baylor 97 Missour 83

when you think of Baylor, maybe a dog comes to your mind. But when I think of Baylor, I think of yellow/gold shirts. Anyway, Baylor beat Missour 97-83 in the Big 12 Conference Tournament. It was a fun game to watch, with a up and down pace to the game. Missouri pulled within 2-3 points in the 2nd half, but Baylor was too much. Up next, Texas and the player of the year. But I believe Baylor has what it takes to run the table and get to the NCAA's.
(actually i don't, but my brother goes go Baylor)
((actually i'm rooting for the gangster coach from K-State))
(((actually i'm rooting for the General Robert Mongtomery Knight and Texas Tech)))


karl said...

Karl, what happened to your dog? Are you starving it?

karl said...

Sometimes I talk to myself.