Thursday, July 12, 2007

Uncle Craig and Aunt Julie's Wedding

Here I am feeding daddy

Uncle Craig is getting married tomorrow. Today was the big rehearsal and walk through. I think I did a good job for it. I love wearing my tuxedo. But tomorrow, mommy has to leave early to get her hair done and go see Julie. So Daddy has to put my tux on...oh boy..

I can't believe Uncle Craig is getting married. I feel that im' losing an uncle, but really I am gaining an aunt!


gretchenjohnson said...

Natalie wishes she could get her picture taken with him while wearing a wedding dress

Anonymous said...


gretchenjohnson said...

Where are the new pictys of Iceman and his little girlfriend/flower girl?

austin powers said...

Karl, how do you like having a mini-me?

Stella said...

FINALLY I find out about the blog site, see cute as buttons Isaac and Kendra, see the lovely dress of the Lovely Robin, find out Jen is due again (I'm way out of the loop!), and see Leigh-Ann's very chic hairdo on my adorable eldest - all on the same day and all from Florida! We miss you all and missed the wedding, but thought of you all the whole time. Love and hugs from Uncle Bill and Aunt Stella