Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas with Teitsmas

Isaac was sad because he couldn't have Jake's bone.

Isaac got a horsey from his grandpa and grandma Teitsma. He likes to ride it and do tricks. He also likes to change his costume before he goes on the horse, like a real showman.

He also got to see Santa Claus, and he is sad because Santa isn't coming back down the street. He's gone, maybe forever.

Isaac got a teddy bear from Vermont for Christmas. He was so happy he immediately went over and laid on top of it.

Isaac spent Christmas with his mom's side of the family. Sadly, his daddy's side got stuck in a couple of nor'easters in Michigan and couldn't make the long caravan trip out.

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gretchenjohnson said...

Maybe Nana and Icey can have races on his horse and her cow. Who do you think would win? I'll put my money on Icey. Nana is still scared of the cow.