Tuesday, April 22, 2008


http://www.answersingenesis.org/ has some good articles about the latest movie: Expelled. I saw it this afternoon and give it 2 thumbs up. Scientists should be able to follow the facts to wherever it leads them.
My favorite part of the movie: the fact that so called scientists believe that life began on the back of crystals, or aliens seeded earth, or some civilization in some other part of the universe evolved and began earth. And yet they deny Genesis 1? Tell me what takes more faith to believe?
I also think it's funny that scientists say evolution is proven by facts. Where are all these facts? It is not facts, it is intrepretation. And the philosophy and ideology is already anti God before the facts are even investigated.
Richard Dawkins is a tragic figure. Christ died for his sins so he could be forgiven and yet he denies the very grace that God has for him. He represents many people who have the same views. Dawkins acknowledges that evolution led to his atheism. But he is still alive, he can still find Christ as his Savior. We need to pray for God to change hearts.

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