Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Little early to have a criminal record(s)

Why does Isaac look like he's up to no good? Why is Ben so scared he's eating a towel?
Why couldn't I find the boys and the van for a few hours yesterday afternoon?

Of course the boys want to know the story of Uncle Nathan and his car stealing days...Perhaps this is what that looked like if cameras existed in his day


gretchenjohnson said...

are they matching here? So cute and so naughty!

Wayne Police said...

yes they are matching...two little naughties...

Grandma T said...

OH NO!!! Don't tell me Isaac has "crime genes" from both sides of the family?!!!!

Great Grandpa Teitsma stole a car for a joy ride also!!!
And who knows what Uncle Russ has done in the past!

And he's already implicating his sweet little brother!!

Good thing they're the most adorable little boys in the world right now!!

Grandma T. said...

PS: I forgot about the time cousin Mike drove his Moms car through the neighbors back door!!! (he was about 3 yrs old I believe)