Monday, September 15, 2008


When the world is in peril, who are you going to call?


gretchenjohnson said...

I feel much safer

Grandma T said...

So, is this what the Records family does in their spare time?! AHA!!

Peyton Manning said...

are you sure spiderman can even see to save us??? and why does the spiderman goggles strangely resemble grandma dolly's spectacles from high school?

Grandpa R said...

I think grandpa T cheated - he knew something that wasn't listed in the first survey!

Anonymous said...

yes it does resemble grandma dolly (as opposed to grandpa dolly) and her glasses from the feature film edited by Nate Records
"Painter Family, 78-82" which features a chicken dance of some sort.

That is for another post.

Remember when Peter Parker gave up Spiderman and he needed glasses? This is the same Spiderman.