Monday, January 30, 2006

Brett: Please Come Back

The biggest news of the day comes from Mississippi, where Brett Favre mentions that he might not have the mental desire to play another season in Green Bay. Brett has been very blessed in not having a main injury. Many legendary quarterbacks have had their careers or even seasons cut short by injuries, and he has not. The Packers had a rough season, but you cannot put the entire blame on Favre's play. What is disappointing, however, is all these 'haters' (sports talk radio) who disrespect Favre.
The greatest mark of a legend, is what did his peers think of him. Brett Favre is for sure, the most popular player in the NFL among his peers. There is more respect and love from other teams than for any other player. He is the type of player that you can enjoy watching for years. Do I think he's coming back? Yeah, I do. Would I be suprised if he quits? Possibly. But one great testament to Brett, money and records are not the reason he plays football. He will come back if there is a desire to play.


gretchenjohnson said...

We love Brett, but we will still love the Packers no matter what.

bman said...

He'll be back for one more year...

Ben Stiller said...

Karl, remember when Brett Favre was in There's Something About Mary? Were you sad when he didn't get the girl?

Love the blog,

tanyawells said...

I will help you through this awful time Karl. I know what it is like to lose the one and only quarterback in your life. I have experience with it. I will say that every day it is a challenge to deal with and you will be supported. One day Brett will join Troy and he can announce at the games.

Karl, heroes live forever in our hearts!

karl said...

i thought you liked joey harrington and the detroit lions?
are you sure you aren't really a lion fan?