Friday, February 03, 2006

Baylor University

my big brother and his wife are down at Baylor (waco, texas)
Nathan is someday going to be in NYC, directing under the big lights. He is my big brother. I owe much of my (little) athletic ability to the beatings I took as a small lad. Our favorite games were whiffle ball, basketball, and football. yes we played 1 on 1 football.
in whiffle ball, we would spend 30 minutes picking MLB all star teams, and another 30 minutes setting up our own homemade "Green Monster."
maren's a great girl, we all love her. she is german and i love bratwursts, so it all works out.
nathan loves legitimate theatre. he is doing a great job at Baylor, and hopefully he will be out here in NYC someday.
i hope he stars someday with tom wopat. who is tom wopat?


gretchenjohnson said...

Don't forget about the mashed potato submarine

Truthful said...

The wife sounds better than the brother.

karl said...

yes you are right. behind every good man is a great wife
and i got mine following me... hurry up jenn run quicker