Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Man's Big Inventions

My friend and his brother visited me from LA. We had a great time all weekend. The next few posts are dedicated to the happenings and misadventures of our time together.

This is the GW bridge, an amazing manmade structure. On Saturday afternoon, in the middle of a nasty rain, I was on the bridge getting over to JFK. All I thought about was that this bridge didn't give me to much security. Of course, those aren't the thoughts that one wants when crossing the bridge.

The only security that we can be assured of is through Jesus Christ. The Bible says that nothing can separate us from his love!


kevin said...

The car I was driving over-heated on that bridge once. It was the greatest thing ever.

Lindsey Lohan said...

wow kevin
i am so amazed that you are still alive. last time a car got stuck on the gw, a big Orange Truck just pushed it over the edge.

of course, it was ok. the car was Herbie, the Love Bug

kevin said...


Are you coming on to me? Listen, I know that when you are young it's tough to sort out all of these emotions, but in the end I think we are just too different. Probably it's best if we just don't see each other anymore. I'm sorry.

gretchenjohnson said...

I think that Kevin needs to start his own blog

Ellie said...


Gretchen ,I thought you were studying to be a doctor???

Kevin and I are responsible for at least 5,000 of Nate E's hits!!!! If we start our own blogs you kids will be hurting for action. Anyway, like you, Kevin is studying to be some kind of doctor, the Ph.D thing!!! Right???