Friday, February 17, 2006

She Passed

Congrats to my sister on passing her boards. Look how happy she is after coming out of the examination room. If you look closer, you can see all the study materials she used in preparation.
Jenn and I are excited that she is moving out to NJ to be our pediatrician. We are looking forward to chuggy giving our new baby and Sadie their vaccinations. Congrats Chuggy!


gretchenjohnson said...

Karl. You are awesome, but I did not become a pediatrician.

Disneygirl said...

Congratulations Gretchen!!

Ellie said...

Your looking really pretty in pink with your "I Passed" expression. What you will become is a pediatrician! Keep studying for those MCATS!!! God did a swell job when He made you!!!!!

Nic Cage, Nic Cage said...

'I like your pajamas.'
'They're O.R. scrubs.'
'Oh, are they?'

gretchenjohnson said...

Karl....where are you? I haven't heard from you in four million hours!

bman said...

congrats Chuggy!