Thursday, February 16, 2006

What's in your Wallet?

Give Me $10,000 or Sadie GeTs iT!

How much are you worth? If something bad were to happen to you, how much would your spouse pay to get you back? If your favorite puppy would be stolen, how much would you pay to get her back? I love my dog, but if the price is to high, someone else can have that wonderful dog that loves to jump and lick human skin. There is always a price that we would be willing or not willing to pay for a dog. But what about humans?
The Bible tells us that we are very valuable to God. So valuable, that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, paid the ransom that we owed. This ransom cost Jesus everything. He did not withold anything from us. Romans 3:22-28 tells us that we receive this sacrifice through faith, not by works. It is a fascinating study, and I recommend that you pull out a Bible and read it.

The only way to heaven is putting your faith and trust into the finished work on the cross, the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The moment of salvation, you have been forgiven, and the ransom of your sins has been paid. Amen.


Ellie said...

Bless you for that very important reminder!!! The more I give my life over to Christ the more comfort I have. EVERYTHING I have is God's first and mine second!! But none of it would have value if I wasn't able to look forward to the day when I can live with God in Heaven!! I can't wait to check out the "many mansions" He has up there in his Heavenly realm!!

gretchenjohnson said...

good post. Sadie is ok, right?

karl said...

it's just a little preview of Sunday's sermon, which was postponed last week because of 20 inches of snow.

sadie is ok, but i was afraid someone might kidnap' just preparing myself for that day

curious investor said...

Seriously, though, what's the blue book on Sadie these days?

tanyawells said...

How come you banana's couldn't get to's only 20 inches!!! Man that's a lotta snow!

karl said...

yeah Tito, there was no way I could get to church, too much snow :(
I have such a long walk