Wednesday, February 15, 2006

What Makes me Special

Because I have been receiving heat to not only update this mindless tomfoolery, but also to write about why I am weird, I will answer my critics.
Why I am unique:
1) when i was a little baby the nurse stuck needles in my eyes. to this day, i am afraid of hospitals and needles
2) I believe in conspiracies (JFK, Northern Galatia theory of Galatians, pop rocks and pepsi, how did Senator Palpatine become the Emperor (Darth Sidious and when did everyone know?) did Leia really know Luke was her brother? )
3) i loved watching the old Dukes of Hazzard, just enjoyed the good ole boys (that is Tom Wopat, Luke Duke)
4) some people think i obsess about food, like what i am going to eat for the next meal. but this goes back to my early infant state, when i was unable to eat. also when i was a little lad, i would cry when the spoon hit the bowl, i knew the food was almost gone.
5) i love popcorn, so much i like to eat it everyday. i even bought a popper off of ebays

feel free to add what I omitted


gretchenjohnson said...

how about that you THINK you had needles in your eye, when in reality that never happened. or how you get me queen amadala stuff every year. I hate star wars! hahaha.

Disneygirl said...

How about your obsession with KFC? So much so that you have even been known to call it KARL's fried chicken? Thats kind of weird!

karl said...

KFC is not named for me? oh how i love that place. My favorite thing to do is walk right past the windows where the workers of the really nice Italian restaurant are watching me...walk right past them into good ole KFC. It's finger licking good because my fingers really get sticky.

the needles in the eyes is an accurate story. yes it is weird i keep buying you star wars. but you really love it.

a cheesehead said...

the packers were not named at all, Karl. Please correct this immediately.