Thursday, January 26, 2006


My favorite basketball player of all time is Larry Bird. I began rooting for him, when I was a wee lad in southern Illinois. Mr. Bird went to school in Indiana, about an hour's drive from where we lived. In fact, my piano teacher went to school with him. (thus every week at piano lessons I had to ask her about Larry, even though she had never met him)
I would go shoot baskets in my backyard every day every night in the year. I wanted to be like Larry. I read his books, and did his shooting drills. I would pretend I was Larry Bird. I would shoot fadeaways in my backyard. To this day, I believe that I have the 2nd best fadeaway in the world!
so when i was at Grace Bible College, I had to take a science class for my requirements for graduation. what did i choose? that's right, ornithology (bird watching). I already had several books on Bird, I knew I would ace the class. ok, so it was the wrong bird. i already paid the tuition, so i stuck it out.
I have never met Larry, but I hope to some day. And when I meet Larry, I will tell him thank you. Thank you for giving me hope and dreams, to be the best I could be. And I would also tell him that Jesus loves him, and that He died on the cross so that we can live forever with Him. And that I would love to have Larry in eternity with me!


random drunk guy at larry's boston connection said...

Larry's shy.

gretchenjohnson said...

remember when I got you the Larry the Legend T-shirt for CHristmas?

karl said...

yeah thank you i love it so much
remember when i was like 15 and we went there for my bday dinner and i got the roast beef and gvy but all i wanted to do was see larry bird. and if he wasn't there i wanted to see his brothers just bc they looked like him?