Monday, January 23, 2006

Super Bowl

Steelers vs Seahawks

The big game in less than 2 weeks involves 2 teams noone would have picked back in September. No one except for my friend Pete, who loves the Steelers and is raising his son to be a big Steeler fan, maybe even future quarterback. Look out for the draft in 2021.

Anyway, as a big Packer fan, I am lightly intrigued with the Seahawks. Mike Holmgren was the Packer coach for several years in the 90's, leading them to the championship. Their qb is also a former Packer.

As for the Christian element to the Super Bowl, there are many Christians on both teams. Beware of the person who says God wants ______ to win. Does God want the _______ team to lose? I think the good verse for us is 1 Cor 10:31. That whatever we do, we do all for the glory of God. God desires that the athletes (and us) do the best that we can, for the glory of God.


disneygirl said...

Yes that will be my son the #1 draft pick in 2021!!!

gretchenjohnson said...

GO SEAHAWKS. Long live the walrus (Holmgren)

Disneygirl said...

Long live Big Ben and the Bus!

Nate said...

God wants them to honor the Lord's Day.

That is what you hear in Reformed circles. We watch college because it is on Saturday.

Aunt Bertie said...

Hi Karl & Co. Thanks for your post. As disappointing as it is to see our beloved teams lose (especially when they SHOULD be playing MUCH better, like the Colts last Sunday), it is important to keep our priorities in check. Life certainly isn't about winning or loosing football games, its about pressing towards the real Prize in life. My love to Jenn and BABY!

Love your Favorite Aunt Bertie

gretchenjohnson said...

aunt bertie is dead

aunt bertie said...

Aunt Bertie (and her moth-ball smelling apartment) will live in our hearts FOREVER...or at least her visual "gifts" she bestowed upon us will live in Lou's memory forever.