Wednesday, January 25, 2006


this one goes out to chuggy, the sister i never knew.
Actually I know her really well. Her favorite things in the world are
in no particular order
1) Corey her husband
2) her kittens
3) her new nephew or niece
4) looking for plane tickets every day to fly out to NJ
5) NJ 'tough guy' talk (such as hearing "look at these bananas, they are late" in our fav. eating establishment)
6) Packers
7) playiing volleyball
8) bike racing
9) watching the tv show sets on DVD that she gets from her precious
10) eating at arby's past midnight

some of the best moments of our brother/sister life together
1) the Christmas my brother and I bought her a GI Jane action figure so she could play with us
2) the Christmas I gave her a portable cd player I had won at my company party. ( i told her i got it for her because of several functions, when in fact, i got it for her b/c it ws free)
3) playing basketball on bicycles
4) taking her out to eat (Denny's) because I owed her money.
5) buying her Star Wars female action figures
6) inquiring about the 'moles' in her yard at a public pool in florida
7) letting her drive my car when she was 14
8) sadie giving her a unexpected kiss on the lips
9) embarrassing moments playing special music in church
10) the dramatic skit at church when we couldn't stop laughing
11) my beard for her wedding ( i accidentally gave myself an amish strap because i was shaving while watching the Simpsons)
12) her beard for mine ( just kidding)
13) when she dressed up as santa claus to pick me and jenn up from the GRR airport. When I said I didn't think it was her, Jenn responded with "I wouldn't put it past her."

this one goes out to you chuggy

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gretchenjohnson said...

ooohhh...i'm an idiot and now everyone knows. Hee hee. I love all our memories!